Conversion tool to efficiently exchange images with accents in IPTC metadata or extended characters between Windows and Macintosh platforms. Needed for example in French and German texts, no more need to avoid the use of accents in description of digital pictures to treat by the other platform: With CrossIPTC photos are always tagged with appropriate accuracy to allow a good cataloguing and indexation. XML metadata removal option.

Publisher description

CrossIPTC software for digital pictures is a repair and cross-platform conversion tool to efficiently exchange IPTC metadata using extended characters between Windows and Macintosh platforms. CrossIPTC rewrites IPTC accents for Windows when created by a Macintosh computer [or vice-versa] to ensure compatibility and properly display author, captions, keywords, categories, credits and origins information containing texts with accents. Some CrossIPTC Features : - Mass conversion of extended characters into IPTC fields of an entire image folder . - Translates Macintosh accents to Windows accents or Windows accents to Macintosh characters. (using character mapping in IPTC) - Works with all standard IPTC fields and with customized (non-standard) fields - Displays IPTC metadata information for each image - Lets you copy and extract image IPTC meta data set from jpeg to clipboard when browsing folder images. - Allows to display captured IPTC character strings, in Hexadecimal values - Optionally keeps a copy of input files to a backup folder. - Customization of period interval between two scans for processing

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